The Pink Movement (valentine's day)

The Pink Movement (valentine's day)

A seasonal blend of pink flowers with accents of fuchsia, white and green accents. It doesn't always have to be red :)

**Pre-Order before Feb 6th! You get a complimentary box of chocolate when you order "Crimson Passion", "Tangerine Dream", and  "The Pink Movement".  

This collection is available for delivery from February 9th through 14th only. 
Our flowers have been pre-ordered a month prior to Valentine's Day; we strongly suggest ordering from the menu online to ensure availability (please note that it will be difficult to get through our phone lines during this week).  
Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate your usual "Adore style custom made" bouquets at this time nor edit the menu items from this collection. 
Thank you and we hope to have a very successful Valentine's with you!


Type: Floral arrangement

Vendor: Adore Floral