recuperating and re-stocking

Posted on February 21, 2012 by chiyomi uchino

02/21. It's a week after Valentine's day. We are almost done recuperating from valentine's day exhaustion. Valentine's day this year was good like we expected or more than we expected. We saw all the loyal customers and a lot more new customers. We had hundreds of deliveries and pick-ups. We handled pretty well most part. Every year we try to be 100% ready for the big day but there are never enough hands, hours, or space...There are so many last minutes phone calls and walk-ins.  It was so busy that we had to stop taking phone calls at some point. Yes we did ignored your call...Sorry. Those who had to wait in line to get flowers... sorry we tried our best. I hope in the end everybody got what they needed. Please please make sure to order ahead of time next year. I promise you you'll get your flowers to your door in time. You won't have to walk in to an empty store again.  Meanwhile I will have a better plan for next year. We'll have more designers and people to pick up phone calls. Perhaps I better start hiring people already:)

We received quite a few new items from this winter's trade show. We got cute little candles, good designed match boxes, nice colored bottles, and a lot of new pots for spring!! We are filling the store with all this new items and planing to put some of them up on the website!! 

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